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My kids have been doing the PIP program at Showcase Academy for many months now and we have seen vast improvements, not just with their piano playing, but with the depth of their knowledge and appreciation for music. They are learning music from different angles (technique, theory, composition and improvisation). Each teacher brings a different approach, they complement each other and they are all amazing. We couldn’t be happier with the program!


Our son started taking lessons from Dr Carl in late Spring 2022. Prior to Dr Carl, even though he was already playing quite well, there were always a few measures in the repertoire that he can’t seem to perfect. We always felt there was some technical fundamentals that our son didn’t learn fully and this reflected in some of the more technical areas of some music pieces he played.

With Dr Carl’s passionate, patient, meticulous and methodical teaching, our son is playing at his highest level that we, as parents, have seen in years. And he has provided good structure, especially around repetition on those fundamentals, as well providing insight on his interpretation of the music. This helps in our son’s further growth and understanding of how each composer intended the pieces to be played.

Kelly & Dave

Ever since our young son started private lessons with Mr. Domenico, his technical and interpretive skills on the piano have improved immensely. Mr. Domenico is an ideal teacher for young children. He is patient and kind but firm and disciplined in his teaching style. He has instilled a drive in my son to perfect his skills. My son recently passed his RCM examination with ease achieving an honours with distinction grade. We are grateful to Mr. Domenico for making this possible.

Gus Caravalho

The instructors at Showcase Academy are not only kind and passionate, but also extremely experienced in their respective fields. This is definitely the place to go no matter private or group lessons. The school is clean, run well and offers free trial lessons to anyone who needs convincing.