Project Description

Melody Sham


Canadian pianist Melody is a recent graduate of Western University’s Piano Performance (Honors) program. She has been recognized for her musical abilities and is a recipient of scholarships such as the Willena Evans Awards in Music and the London Music Scholarship Foundation Endowment Awards during her time at Western.

Melody actively seeks for opportunities to expand her musical horizons, participating in various competitions and festivals. In 2021, she was a nalist in the Vancouver International Music Competition and has received the Young Artist Award in the 2017 Canada International Music Competition (CIMC-MOMA). She has also achieved notable placements in renowned music festivals like the Kiwanis Festival and Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, both in Canada and Asia. Additionally, Melody has been accepted to music festivals such as Orford Musique Music Academy and Adamant Music School, where she was awarded scholarships and had the privilege of participating in masterclasses with esteemed pianists while connecting with fellow young musicians from around the world.

Her dedication has taken her on performance tours across Europe, Asia, and North America, including memorable concerts in Austria and the Czech Republic. Melody has had the privilege of studying under the guidance of accomplished pianists and pedagogues such as Professor Brett Kingsbury, Dr. Megan Chang, and pianist Zitong Wang. She has also explored various musical avenues such as piano duos with Professor Leslie Kinton, chamber music with Dr. Kyung Kim, and brief ventures into harpsichord studies with Professor Borys Medicky.

Driven by her passion for music, Melody continues to strive for excellence in her artistic journey. This fall, she will embark on furthering her musical education by pursuing a Master of Music (MMus) in Piano at the University of British Columbia under the tutelage of Dr. David Fung.