The natural energy and music children ages 2.5-3.5 years old have within them is amazing. They are generally constantly singing, moving to a rhythm or beat and always ready to move! Sunrise is an exciting and innovative pre-school music & movement program with a flexible format that fits the level of development of these children perfectly.

Our Teddy Bears help teach the children rhythms and puppet friends Buzz, Buddy and Mellow guide children on their music journey and instruction with singing, and ear training. Our child-centred curriculum includes stories, songs, and games to ensure that all children feel and achieve a high level of engagement and success.

Sunrise blocks are each 10 weeks in length.

Each block builds upon the last, so as the child’s foundation in singing, rhythm and ear training builds and grows, so does the curriculum.

Once a child has finished the Sunrise level, they are naturally ready to move seamlessly into Sunshine 1 (SS1).

MYC® Sunrise: Fall Term 2022 (10 classes)

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