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What is a Practice Coach? 什么是练习教练?

Your practice coach is there to guide and encourage your child during practice much like their regular teacher but will do so by closely following the assignments given by their regular instructor. This practice session can be once or several times per week. Coaching sessions are currently held in-studio at both of our locations. A practice coach is a “Teacher’s Assistant” who has recently completed or is in the final stages of completing either a B.Mus, A.R.C.T. or equivalent and is accumulating hands-on teaching experience under the direction of a more experienced teacher.   ||  练习教练是“助教”。练习教练会像孩子的正式老师一样,在每次练习过程中鼓励和陪伴您的孩子,且会严格按照正式老师所安排的教学计划进行指导和监督。目前此项目可从我们的列治文或温哥华教室进行,每周可安排陪伴练习一次或数次。我们的练习教练水平是最近完成或正在完成B.Mus, A.R.C.T.的最后阶段或同等学历。

Why should I hire a practice coach for my child? 我为什么要为我的孩子聘请练习教练?

Parents are sometimes frustrated by a lack of progress due to their own limited knowledge of music for at-home coaching, or due to a lack of time to consistently assist their child in practice. If this describes you, please consider this valuable resource and try it out now.  ||

陪练老师会在课程中第一时间帮助孩子改正错音节奏,纠正手型,养成良好的练琴习惯。陪练老师均经过多年专业钢琴学习,皇家音乐学院ARCT级别或专业音乐学院钢琴系本科在读。熟悉RCM考级教材并有丰富的舞台演出经验。父母有时会因自己的音乐知识有限或缺乏时间来持续地帮助孩子练习。 如果这描述了您,请考虑雇佣此周到且恰当的服务,立即报名。

Alia Xu

Practice Coach

Alia has acquired both the Elementary and Intermediate RCM Teaching Certificates along with the ARCT and Licentiate Diplomas in Piano Performance. She is an IB Diploma Candidate whose extracurricular activities include jazz band and theatre. Alia is fluent in Mandarin and English.

Terry Guo

Practice Coach

In 2021, Terry graduated from Schulich School of Music, McGill University, where he studies with Professor Sara Laimon. He was also a recipient of the Bruneau Prize, and the Student Excellence Award. In addition to his piano activities, Terry shows his passion in music theory. During his music studies at McGill University, he received outstanding achievements in all of his theory courses. 

As an active and inspiring performer, Terry has appeared in many different concert halls in China, North America and Europe. In February 2019, he was giving a solo piano performance at the Theater Maisonneuve at Places-des-Arts, Montreal. As a collaborative pianist, Terry had participated to many summer music festivals in the United States and Germany. He enjoys playing chamber music and art song. Some of the influential music coaches and masterclass teachers include Kyoko Hashimoto, Ronan O’Hara, Matt Haimovitz, and others.

Hamilton Lau

Practice Coach

He received the British Columbia Registered Music Teacher’s Association Excellence Award in 2015, and in 2016, he obtained the Associate Diploma of the Royal Conservatory of Music (ARCT), Piano Performance. From 2016 to 2020, he was enrolled in the Young Artist Collegiate Program at the Vancouver Academy of Music, where he studied piano, theory, history, and composition.

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