Quality is Our Motto

We are devoted to excellence in teaching and delivery of

quality programs for all ages.

Why Choose Showcase Music Academy?

We strive to be the premier music training institution in western Canada. Our educators are internationally and locally renowned performing musicians, with coaching and performance experiences. We utilize pedagogical material that aligns with the international standards.

Individual musical goals are achieved through diverse opportunities including recitals, masterclasses, and superior instruments.

Quality is Our Motto

Showcase Music Academy is devoted to excellence in teaching, and delivering quality programs for all ages. Our teachers are experienced and qualified to deliver each lesson to the highest degree of excellence.

As well,  to get the most out of your lessons, you’ll need a quality instrument and a pristine learning environment – that’s why  we maintain our instruments and facilities daily so you can focus on your progress without distraction.

  • Sophistication – our educators are well experienced to prepare students for the international stage.
  • Honesty – we encourage authentic learning and growth of all in our growing community.

  • Quality – Access to top-notch instruments at performance opportunities.


The instructors at Showcase Academy are not only kind and passionate, but also extremely experienced in their respective fields. This is definitely the place to go no matter private or group lessons. The school is clean, run well and offers free trial lessons to anyone who needs convincing.


Nice customer service, and friendly staff, help me arrange class while emergencies. Highly recommended!

Paul Huang

The best teachers, the best service and especially Tess, the best customer service I have ever seen. I want my son to continue studying here!


A big thank you to our teacher Mr. Dulu, who helps my daughter passed RCM Gr.10 exam at the age of 11. He teaches not only piano but music. Our daughter got First class honors with distinction. We also thank you to Jenaya and her staffs from Showcase Academy. They try their efforts to meet our musical learning needs.

David Tsou

I have been to about 4 music academies and Showcase Academy is my favorite. The staff are all courteous, friendly, prompt and professional. What I like the most about this academy is that it has many music rooms with new pianos that are regularly tuned. This is extremely important for me because as a developing musician, I want to practice and study on quality instruments to make the most out of every lesson. Since a young child up till now, I have always had very sensitive hearing and touch so when a piano is out of tune or is poorly maintained, I would not be able to study or play on it. If the keys are wobbly or too sharp or flat, I would involuntarily twitch each time I touch it. Imagine scratching your nails on a chalkboard. That’s how I respond to a poorly maintained piano. Because of this sensitivity to sound and touch, I oftentimes end up playing on just my own piano and seldom play on an unknown one. For this reason, overtime, I developed a lot of anxiety if I had to perform on an instrument that I have not had the time to rehearse (or approve) with first. I remember that I used to bail out on all my recitals and exams because I was scared of not knowing how to cope with this sensitivity. Thanks to Showcase Academy and its variety of well-maintained, quality pianos, I have overcome this fear. This academy offered me the opportunity to explore and trust different pianos and brands. Showcase Academy helped me build musical confidence and competence. And with greater musical confidence and competence, I am even able to play on any, bad or good piano now. 🙂 This in turn, has helped me achieve First Class Honours with Distinction in all of my RCM exams! If you’re looking for an academy that cares about your musical learning needs, this is the place!

Catherine Philippe

Ever since our young son started private lessons with Mr. Domenico, his technical and interpretive skills on the piano have improved immensely. Mr. Domenico is an ideal teacher for young children. He is patient and kind but firm and disciplined in his teaching style. He has instilled a drive in my son to perfect his skills. My son recently passed his RCM examination with ease achieving an honours with distinction grade. We are grateful to Mr. Domenico for making this possible.

Gus Caravalho

My kids have been doing the PIP program at Showcase Academy for many months now and we have seen vast improvements, not just with their piano playing, but with the depth of their knowledge and appreciation for music. They are learning music from different angles (technique, theory, composition and improvisation). Each teacher brings a different approach, they complement each other and they are all amazing. We couldn’t be happier with the program!