Performance Anxiety & How To Manage It


What Is Performance Anxiety & How Do You Manage It? What is performance anxiety? Stage fright has many faces and every musician has faced it. Pavarotti didn’t wish it upon his worst enemy. Birgit Nilsson wished for a small accident on the premiere night so she didn’t have to be on stage. Leopold Godowsky, who was famed for his pianistic abilities, was often found backstage white as a sheet, claiming he don’t remember a single note, and Sviatoslav Richter, one of the most celebrated pianists of the 20th century, needed a plastic lobster to be able to perform. [...]

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What is the most difficult piano piece to play?


What is the most difficult piano piece to play? I am frequently asked, "What is the most difficult piano piece to play?" To me this honestly feels like a strange question. Each piece has its own difficulties. Even the simplest piece has challenges which need to be solved for a convincing rendition.  What is difficult? There are various kinds of difficulties amongst pieces: lyrical, rhythmic, polyphonic, polyrhythmic and technical (Everything you are doing when you are performing is technically...well, technical).  However, when someone asks any musician this question about the most "difficult" piece, they will rarely think [...]

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Building proper preparations for playing difficult pieces


Building proper preparations for playing difficult pieces. Practice!  There are fewer words that sound like profanity to the ears of many children. It feels like a breach of privacy—when the first sweet and gentle mom asks you to practice quickly turns red and scary when she senses that her suggestion is trivialized. It isn’t long before we sense urgency in her voice.  PRACTICE!!!  She screams! Ignoring it is futile as you are about to learn that it is better to listen to your parents. There is no secret to improving besides more practice, but just exactly how and [...]

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How to Think Like a Composer


How to think like a composer Any musical composition begins with sound. A melody is nothing more than a "community of coexisting sounds". Such a "community of sounds", perceived and comprehended by human consciousness, marks the beginning of a musical idea. Thus, any piece of music is the focus of musical ideas. Such ideas can be very simple or very complex, but, in essence, they all come down to a set of sounds that are perceived by the human mind as a melody, or, in their higher development, as music. In this way, composer's thinking basically assumes the [...]

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