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Reflections on Interpretation


Reflections on Interpretation When being a musician, you are foremost a fearless human being. You are not afraid to show your emotions to anyone as you always strive to touch the listener, deeply, presenting a different reality or times long gone. When you are performing, you are transforming yourself into an actor, telling the listener a story. How you will recite the narrative partly depends on why the chosen piece came to be, but you must always use your imagination to phrase everything in the most convincing way you can. However, even though you will express a piece in [...]

Reflections on Interpretation2021-01-04T18:06:47-08:00

Neuroscience and Music


Neuroscience and Music Just exactly how important is music to our minds, emotions, and overall health? Should the education system consider it to be an arts subject and therefore not as prioritized? What if I say that music is more powerful than you give it credit for — but thanks to the men and women who actively work in the fields of research — we now have the hard evidence to prove the above. In an article published by National Geographic, neuropsychologist Brenda Hanna-Pladdy at Emory University in Atlanta, writes that “musical training can have a profound and [...]

Neuroscience and Music2020-12-03T11:26:09-08:00

The Etudes of Friedrich Burgmüller


The easy etudes for beginners of Friedrich Burgmüller The Canadian RCM system for piano is very well-rounded and introduces young pianists to a wide range of wonderful composers and fantastic piano pieces. Advanced students and beginners alike have a wide array of pieces to choose from for their exams.  Alas, no system is perfect and I do believe there are some items lacking in the syllabus. I would go out on a limb to say accurate etudes are not present enough.  When we hear the words “technical piano practice” we tend to think about Charles-Louis Hanon’s boring [...]

The Etudes of Friedrich Burgmüller2020-12-03T11:26:04-08:00

The Life of Godowsky


The Life of Godowsky : Part 1 Polish-American virtuoso pianist Leopold Godowsky was also a composer, and a teacher. He was one of the most highly regarded performers of his time. Watch this lively lecture on the life of Leopold Godowsky by our Artistic Director Carl Petersson.

The Life of Godowsky2020-04-12T16:57:55-07:00

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