Nora the Concert Cat

If you adore felines and music, here is a light-hearted post that will make your heart leap with joy. A one of a kind cat received her own dedicated concerto piece with some help from a Lithuanian composer! 

Mindaugas Piecaitis, the a-mew-sing composer, got this idea after he received a link to a video of Nora the cat playing the piano. Piecaitis is said to have been “enchanted by Nora’s abilities,” and as time progressed he questioned his sanity, writing a concert piece for a cat. 

This four legged musical talent who goes by the name Nora, lives in New Jersey with her owner who is a piano teacher. According to her owner – Nora has always enjoyed watching her visiting students with curiosity. She took some time observing them before she was brave enough to jump up on the keyboard, examining the keys for herself.

Regrettably, when it came to actual showtime of this piece, Nora couldn’t be there for the performances. Not only because quarantine issues, but because everything had to be cut together beforehand. 

Nevertheless, here is Nora and her piano…