Technical Workshops

Wednesday, September 28 (Richmond Studio) – 6:30pm & 8:00pm

Wednesday, September 30 (Vancouver Studio) – 6:30pm

Wednesday, November 16 (Richmond Studio) – 6:30pm

Open to everyone | $25 for 2 hr class

Complimentary adjudication with Dr. Carl Petersson. Students will be asked to demonstrate a sample of technique from their current RCM level plus one Czerny etude (Opus 139 preferred).

Practice Performances

Wednesday, October 26 (Richmond Studio) – 6:30pm & 7:50pm

Wednesday, November 2 (Richmond Studio) – 7:30pm

Friday, December 9 (Vancouver Studio) – 7:00pm

Wednesday, December 14 (Richmond Studio) – 6:30pm

At Showcase Academy, we consider performing to be an essential part of musical development. Practice performances are formatted similarly to masterclasses, but are free and open to any level. Students take turns performing from memory and working with the teacher on specific techniques, while being audited by a small number of other performers.

Valuable skills acquired during these workshops are applied to larger performances, exams, and competitions.

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