Project Description

Michelle Gao


Michelle Gao performs actively within Canada and worldwide; her Canadian solo appearances range from a CBC production to performing with the West Coast Symphony. Worldwide solo performances included concerts at Arezzo Castle in Italy, and Napoleon’s Castle in France. In 2014, Michelle co-created a music ensemble that focuses on Japanese animation music, and performs at various conventions during the summer. Throughout her musical career, Michelle has been invited to perform for charitable organizations such as Oxfam, the Dalit Freedom Network, Taiwanese Festival and the BC Cancer Society. She has led numerous symphonies and orchestras including the UBC Symphony Orchestra, West Coast Symphony Orchestra, and is the current Concert Master of the Vancouver Pops Orchestra. In 2018, Michelle led a combined orchestra performance of over 200 performers at the Suginami Koukaidou Concert hall in Japan.

Michelle has over 10 years of private violin teaching experiences and is passionate in creating a warm and encouraging environment for a diverse student population. Her teaching philosophy is hard work, gamification, and fostering artistic interest through multimedia and multimedium teaching. Michelle has helped students achieve First Class Honour in RCM Music Examinations as well as successfully audition for the VYSO, Lord Byng Arts Program (Music), and New York University. Michelle holds performance diplomas from NYU Steinhardt School of Music, the Fontainebleau School of Music in Paris, and a Bachelor of Music specialising in Violin Performance from UBC School of Music. She is also a graduate of the UBC Sauders Master of Management program. Michelle has studied with many world-class performers including Pincas Zukerman, James Ehnes, Gerad Poulet, and Eugenia Choi. She is currently a candidate in the Expressive Art Therapy Program and hopes to become a Registered Therapist by the end of May 2023 and use her new skills on mental health wellness to heal and connect people through music and art.


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