Dmitri Kristalinsky

Dmitri is a passionate and dedicated classical piano teacher, committed to nurturing aspiring pianists and guiding them on their path to musical excellence.

With years of experience and a deep love for the piano, Dmitri creates a supportive and inclusive learning environment for students of all levels. He tailors his instruction to meet the unique needs of each student, helping them develop solid technical skills and a profound understanding of musical expression.

Having lived and studied in Russia, Israel, the United States, and Canada, Dmitri received a diverse musical education encompassing performance, theory, composition, and modern music production. He holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Piano Performance from Michigan State University in the US.

Whether you’re a beginner starting your musical journey or an advanced student aiming to refine your skills, Dmitri’s guidance will empower you to reach your full potential and cultivate a lifelong love for the piano.