Violin Programs

Private & Semi-Private: Beginner to Advanced Diploma
Group Class: Beginner for ages 6 – 12, String Ensemble Program, Chamber Ensemble Program

Violin Performance Studio (Professional Program)


This class is for students who are aiming for a professional music career. Effective stage performances and competition preparations will be the focus of lessons. Scales, unaccompanied Bach Sonatas and Violin Concertos will be learned. Various technical demanding caprices such as Paganini or Ernst will be used in place of method books. Some of our violin faculty’s students have already enrolled into Germany’s finest Musikhochschule (University of Music) including Wuerzburg, Mainz, and Dresden. Their current students are winners of Fraser Kiwanis Festival and B.C Provincial festival (2011).


For those students who are already enrolled in post graduate musical institutes will be expected to learn Violin Concertos and/or Orchestra excerpts for professional orchestra auditions.

Violin Education Studio (Beginner – Intermediate Program)


For students who have less experience or who are new to violin will be learning with method books such as Suzuki or RCM books. Students will learn to play violin with accurate rhythms, intonations and, most importantly, correct hand positions and shapes. RCM and Festival preparations will be delivered upon student request.

Shirin Rashidi   <a name="shirin"></a>

Shirin Rashidi

Diploma of Music Performance

Shirin Rashidi is a professional violinist graduated with honors degree from Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada. Shirin started her classical Violin training at the age of 9 with world-class violin instructors, such as Valodia Tarkhanian and Natalie Manolov. On the other hand, Shirin’s Middle Eastern background exposed her to wide variety of eastern music compositions while she was studying her BA of Music at the University of Tehran.

Eve Tang   <a name="eve"></a>

Eve Tang

M.M., B.M., ARCT

Eve’s teaching approach stimulates creativity, inspires self-discipline, and encourages each student to express themselves through music. Eve Tang received her Masters of Music from Yale University and Bachelors of Music from McGill University. She was also awarded the First Class Honours with Distinction in completing her ARCT diploma in piano performance. Her orchestral endeavors have taken her all over the world, including Switzerland, Germany, Austria, England, Canada, USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Malaysia, China and Colombia.

Dominic Woo <a name="dominic"></a>

Dominic Woo


A native of Korea, Concertmaster Dominic Woo is an active solo violin player both in Canada and Europe. Winning the 2nd Prize in 2007 Padova International competition, Dominic was a member of Jenaer Philharmonie orchestra in Jena, Germany and currently the Concertmaster of the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra.