Our Testimonials


“I love Wednesdays because of laughter in piano class. Thank you for teaching me, Miss Waka!” – Kathy, Showcase Academy Student

“Miss Waka Shinko is an awesome piano teacher. She is so nice to and patient with my son and always has her own way to inspire and encourage her students in the class. My son surely exhibits keen interest in playing piano and shows evident improvement after learning from Ms. Waka. Her devotion and enthusiasm to piano teaching is greatly appreciated.” –  A Proud Showcase Academy Mom

“Ms. Waka is a wonderful teacher. Very kind and Caitlin loves the way she teaches. Thank you Ms. Waka for teaching Caitlin!” – A. Cheung

“My daughter looks forward to her piano class every week because of Ms. Waka’s friendly and encouraging teaching style. Her passion for music clearly shows in her teaching and is inspirational to her students.” – L.M.


“Adam is easy to work with and listens to our needs. He offers customized lessons for each student.” – Michael 

“A couple sessions with Adam changed the way Valerie plays and I can see she improved a lot within one month. Even someone without any music background can tell the difference too! I am glad that I bumped into Adam and let my daughter learn piano under his guidance” –  Lana Tam

“Maryna teaches my 13 year old son. Maryna is able to determine what my son needs to practice in order to become a better pianist. She has a way of interacting that fuels interest and excitement in music. The result has been that my son’s progress is steady and he is happy while playing increasingly complex pieces.” – Martin Pelchat

It’s never easy to find a teacher whom your children “love in the first sight”.  Kids are kids, and they have ups and downs moment. Although the journey is like a roller coaster; Domenico always able to create an positive nurturing environment that is inspiring and approaching. We love his energy,  kindness, patience and method.  Kate and Ayden always look forward to meet him. Most importantly, he makes us (the parent) understand after all it’s a learning process for all. “ – Rachel


“Christy is an awesome teacher! She is extremely patient and easy to work with. Jacky has the motivation to practice at home and willing to learn after receiving a lot of support and encouragement from Christy.” – Ivy


“Lydia can make different teaching plans for different family requirements. I know this from my experience with Lydia teaching my daughter and those that I have referred to Lydia. She is good at reading body language, so even the students that cannot speak English can understand her well. She always explains everything so clearly.” – Isabella Leung, translated from Chinese.

We are so pleased with her teaching abilities. We find her to be an excellent teacher, with an encouraging and patient attitude but balanced with firmness and insight into the student’s abilities and interests. I particularly appreciate how accommodating she is of our schedule and also how open she is to various styles of music (although we are very impressed with her wide knowledge of the classical music repertoire). We hope to have many more years to come with her as our teacher. – Ning Alcuitas


“Jenaya is very fun and down to earth, sensitive to the individual needs and learning styles of each student.” – Erika


“Herbert always knows what to do. My boys [are four and five] and already they are more focused and listen to instructions. He’s a really great teacher!” –  Michael


“Although I have learned to play various musical instruments in my life, Dominic Woo is the most inspiring, stimulating teacher I have ever experienced. Not only are hIs methodologies effective, but he himself is a virtuoso and has an unlimited amount of passion and patience toward each of his students. I can’t recommend this teacher enough to anybody, children and adult.” – Rachel Lam, Piano Instructor, Choir Master and Windband Conductor 

“Dominic Woo is very professional and down to earth, yet very good with kids. Has a sense of humour, but has a way of making the kids learn and is able to get his point across. We are very happy with the results that Fergus has shown in the time that he’s been learning from Dom.” – Mr. Stewart

“We would like to offer thanks to the girls’ talented and dedicated teachers – Dominic, Jovian and Margaret – for their ongoing patience in mentoring our daughters in Music. Both Vanessa and Rebecca achieved excellent marks in their RCM exams.”Rebecca