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Richmond Location: Aberdeen Centre
#3480, 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, BC   V6X 4J7

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Monday – Friday:  12pm to 7pm
Saturday & Sunday:  9:00am to 7pm

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Showcase Academy is a music school with a faculty of experienced music teachers with varying specialties. Call, email or drop by one of our 2 locations and tell us as much about your musical interests and goals as possible so we can match you with the perfect teacher for your trial lesson.

Vancouver Location:
#1 – 1128 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC   V6H 1G5

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Monday – Friday:  12pm to 6pm
Saturday: 9am to 5pm
Sunday: Closed

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Manuel & Judy Bernaschek

Showcase Pianos Ltd. President 
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Owner Manuel Bernaschek has a passion. As a piano lover who recognized the need for fine pianos in Vancouver, he founded Showcase Pianos in 2007. Showcase Pianos carries only the finest artist’s instruments, highlighting world-class brands such as Fazioli, Grotrian, and Bechstein’s ‘W. Hoffmann’ line. But it was the Fazioli piano that inspired Manuel the most. For many years there was much talk in the piano community about a man in Italy who was making the finest pianos in the world. “We kept hearing that more and more famous pianists were converting to playing on Fazioli pianos, so I really wanted to bring them here,” says Manuel. He was determined to introduce one of the greatest concert grands in the world

Jenaya Page

Academy Director
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(604) 270-8861

Jenaya Page began piano lessons at age 8 at the urgings of her performer-teacher grandfather and began teaching at age 16 when she opened a studio of her own. For years, she enjoyed teaching students of all ages and backgrounds and instructing them through private lessons, award programs, and public performances. A life-long student herself, she is a firm believer that, while hard work pays off, the best way to learn is to have fun doing it! Admittedly a perfectionist at heart, Jenaya is proud of her achievements including First-Class Honours in Grade 9 Piano and District Top Student Award in Music History 4. While accuracy and mastery are at the forefront, her philosophy is that music is also highly individual. That’s why


Crystal Fung

Academy Administrative Assistant Manager
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Crystal Fung was originally born in Vancouver, Canada. She then began her study of piano in Hong Kong at age of 5. After she returned to Canada, she had continued to pursue her interest in music. Crystal believes learning music benefits language development and enhances the ability to learn other subjects. While working on her Bachelor Degree, she is also pursuing the Associate of The Royal Conservatory (ARCT) diploma for Teaching. Crystal enjoys singing and dancing outside of school and work time. Crystal also loves to meet new people and cannot wait to show you around the Academy. She is fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.


Catherine Huang

Academy Administrative Assistant Manager
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Catherine Huang came to Vancouver in 2011. She accomplished a diploma from Douglas College after getting a bachelor degree in China. She had learned electronic organ for several years when she was very young and got the Grade 6 certification in China. She believes music is the most beautiful language of the world. Catherine is very glad to help you or your kids to find the right teacher to begin your music journey! Catherine is fluent in English and Mandarin.


Jeff Cheung

Administrative Assistant

Jeffrey Cheung was born and raised locally in Richmond, and had began playing piano from a young age. Over the years, he has moved on to learning various other instruments to improve his craft in order to bring joy to those around him. Jeff is currently in his fourth year at the University of British Columbia, pursuing a degree in Sociology and Commerce. He plans on working in the music or public relations industries in the future.   Besides music, Jeff spends his time playing dodgeball, watching anime, or studying at the YVR Observation Deck. Furthermore, Jeff also dedicates his time to the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program, acting as the Director of Music for one of BC’s top cadet bands. While at the academy desk, Jeff’s goal is to help students find a teacher who can assist them in developing a love for music, just as his teachers and staff have done for him. He is fluent in English, Cantonese, and can converse in Mandarin.


Charmaine Chen

Administrative Assistant

Charmaine grew up in Richmond and developed great enthusiasm for music at a young age. She learned to play the flute and joined the school band, performing songs from a variety of genres such as pop, classical, and jazz. Her eclectic taste in music continues to grow as she enjoys discovering new music each day. One of Charmaine’s significant interests is helping others and building healthy relationships. To develop this, she studied hospitality and proficiently applied her knowledge by working in customer service. She regularly uses her personable skills in her volunteer work and is even learning Mandarin to teach and communicate with more people effectively. Working at Showcase Academy allows her to help individuals of all ages and backgrounds pursue something they all have a passion for: music


Cindy Cheng

Store Manager – Aberdeen Centre, Richmond
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Cindy Cheng began her musical studies in piano from an early age in China. In 2014, she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Simon Fraser University. Cindy is interested in a large range of musical genres including classical, jazz, and pop. She likes playing piano because she believes music has a remarkable ability to conjure up happy emotions in people. She is fluent in English and Mandarin.


Yana Levkovich

Store Manager – 1224 West Broadway, Vancouver
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Yana was born in the Ukraine near Kiev and started playing piano at the age of six. Yana studied with the great teacher who was also associated world famous Russian pianist Sviatoslav Richter, who was also born in the same city. Yana continued her studies and now holds a Bachelor in Music. After immigrating to Canada, Yana became very involved in Vancouver’s music community as an educator, piano performer and singer. Yana has a vast knowledge of the construction of pianos, and has worked as a piano consultant for more than a decade. Yana has a passion for fine quality instruments, and loves to share her expertise with anyone looking for more information related to the study of music and the search for a good piano. Yana regularly conducts workshops and seminars related to the study of music and choosing the right piano.


Adam Page

Piano Teacher & Consultant
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Adam Page, ARCT, LLCM studied for over 10 years with Edward Parker – his son Ian Parker and nephew John Kimura Parker are also active teachers – the author of Piano Pedagogy: A Practical Approach.


He conducted group theory lessons, master classes, and prepared private pianostudents for RCM Examinations for two decades in his own studio before relocating to Vancouver.


Adam has participated in countless competitions and became well-known in Vancouver for his work as an accompanist. His warmth and patience coupled with a methodical and structured approach make each piano lesson enjoyable and productive.


Rongrong Ma

Academy Administrator & Piano Consultant
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Rongrong Ma, a lover of music, whose study of music instruments, singing and dancing started at a very young age. Playing ukulele and singing is a big part of her life. She graduated from Harbin University of Commerce in China with a Bachelor Degree of Management, during which she won the China’s National Scholarship, and gave a speech at the school assembly as the student rep. After she moved to Canada, she obtained her Accounting Diploma at British Columbia Institute of Technology, also took some Early Childhood Education courses because of her love for children. With the passion of music, the love for children, and the knowledge of Business and Education, she’s very excited working at Showcase Piano and Academy.


Bryan Kao

Piano Teacher & Consultant
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Bryan Kao was born in Taipei, Taiwan. He started studying music and piano at the ago of four, and has accomplished the performance level in piano. He is also conversant with other  musical instruments, including violin, cello, drums, guitar.


For the past ten years, he has been tutoring piano in Vancouver, BC. He has received much accolades from many of his past students, being impressed by his patience and detail-orientation in his teaching.



Lixia Li

Piano Teacher & Consultant
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Lixia Li is considered a pianist with “incredible instinct and mature artistic insights,” by eminent artists such as Philippe Entremont and Jacob Lateiner. She has had the opportunity to work with numerous prominent pianists, such as Leon Fleisher, Aldo Ciccolini, John Perry, Francoise Thinat, Anthony di Bonaventura, Meng-Chieh Liu, Boris Petrushansky and Mikhail Voskresensky and Lee Kum-Sing. She has performed solo and chamber music in various music festivals such as Casalmaggiore International Festival in Italy, Prague International Piano Masterclasses, Belgium International Piano Week, International Summer Music Academy in Leipzig, Amalfi Coast Music & Arts Festival in Italy, Brandywine Piano Institute at University of Pennsylvania, Grandin Festival at Cincinnati and International Keyboard Institute & Festival at New York.


Stacy Lin

Piano Consultant

Stacy Lin was raised in a very musical family and began piano lessons in an early age in China. After she achieved the bachelor degree of clinical medicine in China , she had an opportunity to work with Qatar Airways and began her journey of travelling around the world. During the time with Qatar Airways,she visited almost 30 countries in the world. With the extensive experience with travelling and encountering different cultures, she believes music speaks a universal  language capable of uniting the hearts of people everywhere.Now she is continuing to pursue her piano study in Vancouver. With the knowledge of piano maker’s history and sharp ears for the piano’s tone ,Stacy is happy to help people to find the right fine instruments at Showcase Piano and Academy.

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