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Leora Cashe

MYC® (Music for Young Children)


With over ten years of teaching children’s movement and music classes, Leora is thrilled to be teaching Music for Young Children at Showcase Piano Academy. She uses the intrinsic power of music to cultivate in her students their intellect, self-discipline, emotions and self-motivation. A musical community is created in the classroom where all can learn from one another and contribute to the greater good.

Having recently returned from teaching with the award winning Music House for Children in London, UK, Leora has over twenty years of professional music performance experience including numerous productions with Vancouver’s Arts Club Theatre. She is an accomplished graduate of Edmonton’s Grant MacEwan jazz program, has released four critically acclaimed CDs and has performed throughout North America and Europe.

Leora is an extraordinary music teacher of young children and has found a way to impart her own musicianship with those that study with her. Her goal is to goal is to empower each child to courageously share their musical ideas and songs, experience the joy of music making, and happily play the piano every day.