Group or Private Adult Music Lessons

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Affordable Private Lessons, Semi-Private Lessons and Group Lesson for Adults in any genre including Jazz, Western Pop, Asian Pop, Latin and Classical Style!

Learn how to improvise and play your favourite tunes. The curriculum is modified to suit your style, interests and skill level. You set the pace, lesson length, lesson time and frequency that fits your schedule best. Beginners to advanced players are invited to try a 30-minute demo lesson or come in for a free consultation with the teacher.


Fees: Group Lesson Prices starting from $20/lesson. Private Lesson Prices starting from $29/30 minutes.
Payment Plan: 10 sessions prepaid with no registration fee. Payment Options: cash, check, credit card.
Call 604-270-8861 or email to inquire about teacher and scheduling options.

Why try adult music lessons in voice?

  • Improves poise, posture and voice projection
  • Improves lung stamina and relaxation through breathing techniques
  • Improves public speaking, clarity, tone, dictions, accent reduction
  • Improves confidence and body posture

Why try adult music lessons in harp?

  • On the harp, even the first notes you play as a beginner sound great – which makes practice and playing for other very enjoyable!
  • Studies show a beneficial correlation between harp music and physiological responses such as blood pressure, heart rate and respiration. For example, the heart rate decreases and oxygenation levels increase.
  • Harp is good for everyone, but studies show it’s especially beneficial for people who suffer from anxiety and/or chronic pain.

Jazz & Latin Music Program

Develop your independent style and experience the freedom of improvisation now through Jazz Piano Lessons with these internationally recognized performers!

Herbert Kwan <a name="herbert"></a>

Herbert Kwan

B.Mus., A.R.C.T.

Herbert Kwan holds a Bachelor of Music from University of British Columbia and an ARCT in Piano Performance from Royal Conservatory of Music.


He is a very active performer in the Vancouver Asian pop scene and have performed with artists such as Anson Ping (平安), Power Station (動力火車), Where Zhou (周蕙), Peter Cheung and Andrew Cheung (張崇基, 張崇德), and Albert Au (區瑞強).

Adam Page <a name="adam"></a>

Adam Page

A.R.C.T., L.L.C.M.

Adam Page, ARCT, LLCM studied for over 10 years with Edward Parker, the author of Piano Pedagogy: A Practical Approach. Adam conducted private and group theory lessons, master classes, and prepared private piano students for RCM Examinations for over two decades in his own studio in White Rock before relocating to Vancouver. He has taught students ranging in ages from 3 up to 90 years old.


Waka Shinko <a name="waka"></a>

Waka Shinko


Born in Hyogo Japan, she moved to Vancouver BC in 1996. She's worked as a music composer and was presenting her original music on the morning show for Asahi Broadcasting Corporation. As a Yamaha professional pianist and keyboard player, she has given many concerts and performances nationally.


Waka studied musicology and graduated from Osaka City University/Osaka College of Music as well as holds an ARCT in piano performance/teaching. Her favourite music genres are classical, popular and top hit music. She enjoys working with all ages - from small children to adults. She is fluent in English and Japanese.

Cole Tinney  <a name="cole"></a>

Cole Tinney

D.M.A., D.M.E.

Cole Tinney is a professional pianist based in Vancouver. His musical focus is in jazz and contemporary piano, ranging from music from the forties to funk and blues, powered by a background in classical music. Having a degree in Performance, Cole has traveled throughout Canada and the United States performing at various venues.

Max Zipursky <a name="max"></a>

Max Zipursky


Since graduating from Capilano University with a B. Mus in Jazz Studies, Max Z has become one of the city’s hottest players. Although he often plays your typical Jazz standards and lounge tunes, Max specializes in Hip Hop, Jazz and Soul. He plays old favourites, new and originals with a special twist that makes him unique to Vancouver’s circuit of players.   Max can be seen playing solo at the Fairmont Pacific Rim and Shangri-La hotel lobbies, with Myles Bigelow performing live Latin House music or with his band The Star Captains.   Although Max maintains a busy performance and recording schedule, he loves to share his passion for music with others through teaching. By nature he is laid-back and low pressure, and he takes this approach when teaching.

An Adult Student’s Story

Helen Pan

Why did you decide to start learning a musical instrument?


I’ve always loved music. As a child I wanted to learn the piano, but I gave up after half a year of lessons. After all these years as an adult, I started looking around again for lessons because the desire never left.


Why did you choose to commit after your trial lesson?


Firstly, it’s very important to have a good book which was recommended to me. Secondly, it’s essential to have a teacher that understands that you are an adult and that the learning will be different from a child.


Before Ms. Waka, I did meet with some other teachers. First of all, I think Ms. Waka is a real professional pianist. I think a lot of teachers are not very well qualified. And secondly, as a teacher she is very experienced. She understands that I’m an adult so sometimes doing things my way is important. Like, I like pop songs and she is very flexible. Lastly, she is very dedicated. For example, if I have a music sheet I bring to the lesson, she takes it home and modifies it for me! Many teachers will not do this. Many teachers think that teaching must be confined to the lesson time.


What are your current challenges?


The challenging thing about learning to play an instrument as an adult is that it takes time. I think that’s where many people fail. Even right at the beginning because you have to commit yourself every day. What helped me overcome this is my love for what I am learning. When I become frustrated, again my passion for music and desire to learn how to play the piano keeps me going.


I’d say though, that the most challenging thing for me is that I don’t like playing scales. I find it boring which is what I told my teacher. She helped me understand that it’s an important foundation for the rest of my life.


What are your Current Goals?


I want to play as good as Waka! (laughs)


What do you want to say to other adults that are wanting to learn?


You have to have confidence! Of course confidence needs to come from somewhere – Don’t treat yourself like a child. We learn differently, very differently. As adults, we have to worry about so many things and our world is much bigger and more complex. So don’t expect too much! The reason you are coming here to learn here is to enjoy it! When I play pop songs at night, that’s part of the enjoyment! It doesn’t always have to be accurate! Of course slowly over time you will perfect it, but the most important thing is the enjoyment of the music!

Adult Piano Lesson Testimonials

Dot – 60 years old

How long have you been taking lessons?


I have been taking lessons from Showcase for a year and five months. Before that, I took group lessons from Tom Lee some years ago, till I had an instructor who was impatient, and made me very nervous. So I quit. So after that, I had always wanted to resume my lessons.


Why did you decide to start lessons as an adult?


I like music, always wanted to be a rock and roll piano player (can you believe that?) So now I have time (haha), and can play what I want, perfect time to start. Besides, it was on my Bucket List.


How do you feel now?


I feel confident. I enjoy learning all the new pieces, and find the more difficult ones challenging. With the help of I-Cheng, I know we can do it. He will help me overcome any difficulties.


He’s a wonderful teacher, who allows me to move at my own pace, choose my own music, very supportive and interested.


What is your advice to others?

Just DO IT. If not now, it could be never. Because there is always something else in life that seem to be more important. But what is more important than enriching and improving ourselves, doing something that we will enjoy. It is always good to challenge ourselves, learn something new, something we can enjoy.

York – 81 years old

How long have you been taking lessons?


6 years with Lydia.


Why did you decide to start lessons as an adult ?


After the death of my husband, Lydia told me that was the best thing I can do to relieve my grief. She was right.


Any extra benefits you didn’t expect?


It has changed my life since it enriches to my whole brain, body and spirit.


What is your advice to others who are thinking about taking lessons but haven’t made up their minds yet?

Give it a try. Be patient and practice mindfully. The reward is joy and uplifting. I think a lot of adults would like to learn, but just cannot commit the time to study and practice. I have heard some of them say that they would like to learn when they retire, but, who knows what will happen when they retire.