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Learn How to Play Piano! We will guide you all the way from your first Piano lesson all the way up to the Professional Levels.

Kirill Bolshakov  <a name="kirill"></a>

Kirill Bolshakov

D.M.A., D.M.E.

Andrea Brown <a name="andreab"></a>

Andrea Brown


Carmen Ching <a name="carmen"></a>

Carmen Ching

B.Mus., A.R.C.T. Performers

Monika Diaz <a name="monika"></a>

Monika Diaz


Wenwen Du <a name="wenwen"></a>

Wenwen Du

B.Mus., Artist Diploma in Piano Performance

Linda Hayes <a name="linda"></a>

Linda Hayes

Associate Diploma UT

Herbert Kwan <a name="herbert"></a>

Herbert Kwan

B.Mus., A.R.C.T.

Lixia Li <a name="lixia"></a>

Lixia Li

M.Music, G.P.D., A.D.

Dr. Stephanie Nakagawa <a name="stephanie"></a>

Dr. Stephanie Nakagawa

D.M.A., M.M. B.Mus, ARCT Voice & Piano

Adam Page <a name="adam"></a>

Adam Page

A.R.C.T., L.L.C.M.

Waka Shinko <a name="waka"></a>

Waka Shinko


Sanaz Sotoudeh <a name="Sanaz"></a>

Sanaz Sotoudeh

B.Mus, M.Mus
Eve Tang   <a name="eve"></a>

Eve Tang

M.M., B.M., ARCT

Cole Tinney  <a name="cole"></a>

Cole Tinney

D.M.A., D.M.E.

Fiona Tsang <a name="fiona"></a>

Fiona Tsang

B. Mus

David Wang

David Wang

Shanghai Conservatory of Music