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Anatoly Brusylovskiy <a name="anatoly"></a>

Anatoly Brusylovskiy

Trumpet, Trombone, French horn, Euphonium, Baritone, Tuba

Anatoly Brusylovskiy grew up in Kiev, Ukraine. At the age of eight, Anatoly came to the realization that music was the only career path he wanted to pursue. He developed and polished his performing and teaching skills at Glier National Music College of Ukraine as a professional trumpet player and brass and woodwind music teacher. There he explored and perfected a wide range of styles, from classical to jazz and marching band music.

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For the past twenty years, Anatoly has successfully combined his performing and teaching career having appeared with such orchestras as Kiev Municipal Orchestra (Ukraine), Big Band of National Circus of Ukraine, the Orchestra of Ghesher Theatre (Israel) and Ukrainian NationalTV and Radio orchestra. After years of touring worldwide, including the Netherlands, Germany, USA, Israel, Russia, and more, he has decided to settle in Canada. Currently he performs with the Richmond Symphony Orchestra and Little Mountain Brass Band.


Anatoly generously shares his passion for music with anyone willing to learn, regardless of skill level or age. He truly believes that music is an international language that unites us as humans and helps us communicate when all the words are spoken.